Executive coaching and training

Your business results are my focus.

With 20 years of working in the most challenging work environments in the world,  I've experienced the full range of feelings, thoughts, successes and failures. 

Coaching and Training - my emphasis is on improving the connection between and within teams.  

Training Offerings

Effective Presentation Skills Training - full day contextual learning environment based class, improving the learner's ability and confidence in delivering high impact presentations that drive action and connection. You will deliver multiple presentations to the group, obtain feedback and coaching.  You will receive videos for future review and improvement.

Effective Meeting Skills - half day class focused on possibly the biggest waste of time for many organizations - develop  key abilities such as managing  meeting "robbers" and creating optimized agendas for making efficient and valuable meetings, rather than just another excuse to sit together in a room.  You will create and run mock meetings to show your mastery of the various trained skills.

Collaboration - full day class  in which you will learn how to recognize complex decision making processes and how to manage them. You will actively work on building trust and cooperation, leading to effective collaboration and high team performance. 

Team Building - half day and full day events to  align around goals, build effective working relationships, reducing team members' role ambiguity, find solutions to team problems and most importantly, HAVE FUN! 

Communication Coaching

Public Speaking Coaching - my passion for public speaking is only excited by my compassion for people.  You will sense that compassion and care the minute we start working.  You will shift rapidly into a place of confidence and comfort as you continue in our work together.  I use a structured approach yet always keep the tenants of coaching (partnering based on your needs) to create the outcomes you desire in your ascension to a competent speaker.

Interview Coaching - we've all been there, sitting in a brightly lit room with a person in "the know" asking us questions we don't know the answer to.  Once you are off your game, it's hard to get back on.  Working together we address 3 phases of researching the role, identifying interview questions, and finally interview etiquette.  Once you are well prepared for the interview, we work together on getting your mindset primed for success.  I have been a hiring manager for 17 years and bring this experience to the table in order to serve you and support you in reaching your career goals.