Setting Out on a Bold New Journey


Capable To Meet You Where You Are At

I offer a 5 Phase Program:

1) Discovery Phase - explore your values, your skills, your personal mission                                          

2) Search Process - networking, identifying roles, deepening connections with decision makers

3) Taking Strengths to the Marketplace - applying for jobs, engaging more on LinkedIn                 

4) Interviewing and Negotiating - optimizing presence for interviews, offer negotiations            

5) Transition and on-boarding - gracefully stepping out and creating a 30day plan for new role      

Bespoke Program

While I offer this 5 Phase Program, I am able to address where you need the most support.  Let's talk and understand where you are in your career change, and define the scope of our partnership!

from a Career Coach Client

 " ..... Steve has been an invaluable resource by holding me accountable, asking all the right questions, providing structure and resources, and giving me the motivation and direction I needed to find my path. He helped me define what’s important to me again and move out of my comfort zone (which is already pretty wide). Steve has a genuine passion to help others and his consistency, ability to help you view things through a different lens, and willingness to help you between sessions separates him from his peers. It’s not just the sessions where you get value! I often get texts, videos, emails, and introductions throughout the week. He’s always thinking of his client and makes your success a priority. If you aren’t working with Steve YOU SHOULD BE. " 

Complimentary Strategy Session

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